The Near Now, and the world is beginning to end…

Your devotion to preserving the real is your greatest strength

Several months ago, the world as we know it changed. The news was confusing at first, and then unbelievable…but now, people believe. We, our Earth, our Home has been invaded. And not by Aliens, or by other planetary invaders…but something… Different.

Reports of monsters and tools that didn’t work. Enemies that rode dinosaurs and shot lightning bolts. Things that just couldn’t happen…like the pages of the science fiction and fantasy section got all confused with all of the pages randomly distributed. Then came the stories of the new Pope, and masked heroes. Fortunately, the Japanese have had some very recent breakthroughs and have been able to provide tools that seem to help. Then came the “Miracle of Avingon” and the Pope arrived on a golden beam of light, bringing incredible technology…

Now, we have people helping from these new places…and they tell tales of evil overlords stripping vital resources from our world.

The time has come…join us, join me. There may be more than just our world to save!

Lure of Destiny

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